Socorro Feb 2018- ONLY 3 spots left!!


Socorro Feb 2018- ONLY 3 spots left!!

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The world’s friendliest Giant Mantas, Dolphins, Hammer heads, Galapagos sharks, Whale Sharks, Humpback Whales and more! February 22nd- March 3rd, 2018


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Prepare to be spoiled! Your journey with us will include four dives per day, each an opportunity to encounter resident pods of playful dolphins. You may also see up to 10 varieties of shark: schooling scalloped hammerheads, solitary giant hammerheads, Galápagos, whitetip reef, silver-tip, silky, tiger and oceanic whitetips. The list also includes whale sharks and dusky sharks and on occasion even a thresher shark. On most days, we will enjoy visibility of 70 to 100 feet.

The manta behavior is the most unique in the world. The 12-to-16-foot giant mantas of Socorro seek out intimate interactions with divers. They communicate with us, from locking eyes in a first contact to gently swimming just overhead to be tickled by bubbles. Sometimes they hover alongside or underneath a diver, where they often stay, curious and seemingly in want of a connection that has left more than one diver with tears of joy.


Boat: Nautilus Belle Ami, http://www.nautilusbelleamie. com/


Is flight included? No. You are responsible for getting to Cabo San Lucas


What else is included? All diving, meals and accommodations while on the boat. Nitrox is extra.


Non-refundable deposit required: $500


Cost of the trip: Stateroom: $4195

                          Superior: $4720 SOLD OUT

                          Premium: $5350 SOLD OUT

                          Single: $5242 SOLD OUT