Project Guanaja

PCH Scuba and Sunchaser Travel Adventures just returned from the isolated paradise of Guanaja, Honduras and immediately realized two things; the helplessness we all feel due to the sheer immensity of the ocean, and the gift we had been given to find the perfect place that we could change people’s lives.

People who work together will win. PCH we have a job to do.

Our project has the following goals:

·        Protect a thriving underwater eco-system

·        Educate school children and their parents of the importance of this

·        Impact the lives of these children


Protect the Eco-system

The reef system surrounding Guanaja is part of the second largest barrier reef in the world second only to the Great Barrier Reef. There are numerous species that live in or around the reef system that are endangered or under some degree of protection.

The underwater world we found as we dove the week we were there was stunning! The health of the soft coral was unlike anywhere we had seen previously in the Caribbean Sea. Spectacular! The need to protect this precious resource is beyond measure.

Marine ecosystems are a very important part of the Earth. Oceans cover 70 per
cent of the Earth's surface and support almost half of all species on the planet. In
addition to being vast and filled with life, oceans provide jobs, food and some of
the ingredients in our medications, shampoos and cosmetics. Protecting marine
ecosystems requires being conscious of how much we are taking from the ocean
and making changes in our daily lives regarding products we use that contribute
to harmful effects on the marine environment. We are wondering, what is the
best way to educate the residents of Guanaja of this?


Marine ecosystems all around the planet are being threatened by multiple stresses in combination—not just those related to climate change, but also over fishing, ship traffic and the pollution that accompanies it, invasive species, toxic algal blooms, oxygen depletion, and more. These non-climate-related stresses interact with each other and with climate-induced stresses to create impacts that are greater than the sum of the impacts they would have individually.

Our focus would be on the factors we can impact. Trash control and recycling. Our program is aimed at teaching the children the importance of keeping trash out of the ocean and implement a program to make recycling easier. It will also help create beach cleanups throughout Guanaja. This program will be introduced in the school systems.



The children

The need to protect this environment for these children is obvious, and frankly they have zero resources. These children and their parents struggle just to eat healthily and get basic medical and dental care.

This project will help with this as well. We will be providing school supplies, toothpaste, toothbrushes, wall charts for the schools and books along with many other necessaties.

With sustainable fishing practices, and pollution control we can help children to look forward to a bright future on their island!

The economy on Guanaja is driven by fishing and tourism.  WE must help, and we can.

1. Join Project: Guanaja!

A. Please buy t-shirts for the fundraiser!  There are multiple colors and styles to choose from and there is no limit! Buy them for yourself, for your friends, for everyone! Buy a dozen, or two! Every penny of profit goes directly to the project. With 2000 people in the PCH community and the tens of thousands of people you all can send the link to we should easily be able to sell 1,000 articles of clothing to show our support.  Here is a link to the clothing

B.  Direct cash donations- For those of you capable and so inclined this will have an immediate impact and so very much appreciated See below for donation page.

C. Let’s get ready to go diving! We are returning to Guanaja in August of 2020. We are bringing 40 people to have a holiday, dive everyday and spend a few hours each afternoon at organized clean-ups! This trip is raising 16,000 dollars for the project!

Check Back SOON for information on how to sign up!!



Please visit Sunchaser Travel Adventures for more updates on Project Guanaja!