Brett Bovard- Master Instructor, Owner

Brett began his dive career right here in Southern California. An instructor since 2003, he has over 3,800 dives under his belt.

Brett's Favorite Dive Spots: Almost all right here in Southern California. Farnsworth Banks, Ship Rock, Sea Fan Grotto and Eagle Reef.

"I love the kelp forests of the Channel Islands! There is no better way to spend the day then floating weightlessly through the water. Diving can be a transformational experience. Come play!"


Glynn Palmer- Course Director

Yoda - Glynn is the Director of Training for PCH Scuba and the owner of Malibu Scuba Repair. He began his diving career in England and continued on to become a Course Director when he came to California. Glynn has been training divers and developing instructors for more than 25 years.


Lori bio photo.jpg

Lori Sherrill- Course Director, DAN Instructor Trainer, PSI Instructor


Certified as an Open Water Diver in 1993 and continued her education toward Dive master in 1995.  After working on dive boats as a dive master for a number of years decided to become a NAUI Instructor in 1997.  Soon crossing over to PADI which lead to becoming a Course Director in 2005.

Lori has always been a teacher beginning with 38 years in the Whittier Public Schools and on her 21th year as a Scuba Instructor.   Now retired she continues to enjoy teaching her students and Instructors to appreciate the underwater world, to be safe and to have fun Free time has given her the opportunity to travel and dive in many parts of the world:  diving next to icebergs in Alaska, diving with Whale Sharks in Galapagos, seeing all the different Anemone fish in Wakatobi to name a few and of course locally and up and down the California Coast.  

Being a native Californian there is nothing better than seeing a Giant Sea Bass hiding in the kelp!



Amy DeSuza-Riehm- Master Scuba Diver Trainer, EFR Instructor Trainer, Lead Instructor

Love for the water and all the creatures in it, was a gift given to me as a baby. I was learning to swim at the same time I was learning to walk. In 2004, I was working on my degrees in Animal Training and Wildlife Education and open water scuba certification was a requirement to work with marine mammals, so, I signed up with 20 of my fellow classmates. Off to Catalina we went. From the first splash I was hooked! Since then, I've had the chance to travel to places like Roatan, Hawaii, and Cozumel and it has been a lot of fun! As an instructor I want to be able to share these experiences with as many people as possible.

71% of the earth is covered with oceans. To explore it with amazing people would be an awfully big adventure. Are you in?


Kim Elsner- Instructor Development Course Staff, Lead Instructor

Kim has always been fascinated with the underwater world. After moving to California from Colorado she got certified with PCH SCUBA and hasn’t looked back. She loves watching the graceful acrobatics of sea lions, is in awe of the beautiful bat rays, and loves gliding through kelp forests.

Kim has found herself more at peace underwater then above water. Diving can be a life changing experience and for her it was. Working her way up the ranks with PCH from open water diver to Master Scuba Diver, Divemaster and finally Instructor, Kim is able to share this incredible experience to all who are willing. Come let us change your world!


Carlos Linares- Instructor Development Course Staff, Tec Deep Instructor

I began diving in 2002 off the coves of southern California. There is nowhere else in the world where you can fly chasing sunlight through a kelp forest, see dozens of animals, burrow your way into narrow cave passageways and explore an enormous wreck all in the same weekend.

Nowadays, I do a fair amount of technical diving (caves/deeper wrecks/trimix/rebreather) and volunteer with the USC Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber. Ask and I can help mentor you if you see any of those in your future.

Scuba diving can be whatever you want it to be - a leisurely stroll, high octane adventure, or a relaxing night looking up at the stars as the ocean cradles you gently. Let us show you a world you never knew existed and you'll understand first hand why it's so important to keep it safe. There's a whole lot of planet you haven't seen yet... you want in?


Kevin Bond- Master Instructor, Tec Deep Instructor, DAN DEMP Instructor

I began my diving career right here in Southern California in 2007 and since then have become hooked. The love for the underwater world led me to becoming an Instructor in 2010 so that I could share this "other" world with as many people as possible. I have dove in many different place around the world, some of my favorites being Bonaire, Belize, Roatan, Florida Caves and of course our very own Channel Islands. I really enjoy taking my camera along taking both video and photographs to share what I see with others.

Over the past few years my main focus in diving has turned to technical diving and CCR (Closed Circuit Rebreather) diving allowing me the opportunity and privilege to explore deep wrecks and underwater caves that are not visited by many. There is so much more out there to see, especially in our own backyard,  and I have only begun to scratch the surface.


Peter Bortoli- Master Instructor, DAN O2 Instructor

Love the California coast waters. Love diving in the
beautiful kelp forests throughout the Channel Islands.
Avid beach diver.   We have world class diving in California.

My 1st dive in Cancun was my 1st dive on a resort....  Hooked me in 1990.
Fell in love diving.  Started teaching in 2002.  Enjoy sharing
 the passion of diving to students wanting to learn.
 Enjoy mentoring and bringing divers up in the ranking to instructor level.
With 5500 plus dives,  And counting...

Enjoy helping to make the right gear selection with students.
Which makes for a better more confident diver...
Was brought up around water. Swimming at age of 3,  Surfing at age 12


Stu McLellan- Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Stu began diving to get the most out of a vacation to Hawaii in 2007. Following Open Water certification he began diving with PCH Scuba for fun, and then took on more training through its Platinum master scuba diver training program. It was evident early on that it was just a matter of time before he started scaling the professional ladder. Breathing underwater, just being neutrally buoyant and getting up close and personal with nature in a way that can never be experienced on land is so amazing, Stu wants to help others learn how to do it and expand the number of ocean ambassadors out there. There's so much cool stuff to see, but if we're not careful it won't be around long.

Stu enjoys diving year-round in Southern California - the kelp forests are spectacular. The slightly colder temperatures in the winter seem tepid to this native Brit, but that’s not to say he doesn’t also enjoy diving in the tropics, particularly on the annual PCH international trip.


Tom Figueroa- Master Scuba Diver Trainer

My first breath underwater was during a Discover Scuba Diving experience off a dive boat in Hawaii several years back, and I have been hooked ever since. I was always interested in scuba diving, but growing up in Southern California, I just assumed the best diving was at some tropical island far away, I was all wrong. There is nothing like diving through the beautiful kelp forests of California. Although I often dive off the Islands of Catalina, Anacapa, and the other local islands, my dive buddies and I frequently dive many of the local beaches. People often ask me where my favorite place to dive is and my answer is, anywhere the kelp grows..

Early on I knew I wanted to become an instructor so that I can help people share in this life transforming experience. After spending a few years as a Divemaster, I decided to become an Instructor and I am loving it! Come join me and the rest of the crew at PCH Scuba and let's go diving!



Ryan Winthrop- Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Ryan has lived by the ocean for most of his life and has been a swimmer, surfer, and ocean lifeguard, and free diver, so when he began diving in high school, it was just the natural progression. Since becoming an instructor almost a decade ago he has been able to travel the world for Scuba and has become active in ocean conservation. When not working his day job as a game show producer or spending time with his wife and son, he can be found in the water with his scuba family teaching scuba and sharing his love of the water with all those willing to learn!




Chad Holzer- Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Chad joined the PCH team in 2016.  Born and raised in Southern California, Chad has spent his entire life near water.  Although late to SCUBA, he began diving in 2008 during a trip to the island of Maui and has been hooked ever since.  Once back home, Chad recalls going straight to a dive shop, purchasing all of his gear and taking his first class.  As he developed a passion for diving, he continued taking classes and became a PADI Pro in 2013.

Chad enjoys diving beyond recreational limits using mixed gasses and visits our local wrecks and reefs.  Cave diving in North-Central Florida is one of his favorite spots.  When Chad is not diving, he spends time with his son, Blake.  Together, they love riding bikes, kayaking, and playing with RC Cars and Aircraft.

Karl Ross- Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Growing up here in the LA area I've always been in love with the ocean. Not knowing any better, I waited later in life to start diving after my long aviation and professional career. Over that period of time, my love of the ocean never diminished. Once I took to diving in 2006 I never looked back and once I started I couldn’t help myself.

I’ve been diving from the South Pacific to the Caribbean and I find our local reefs to be some of the best in the world. Tropical waters are great, don’t get me wrong, but in my opinion diving kelp forest right here in our own back yard can’t be beat. When you have the right gear, year round diving here in So Cal is world class. I love teaching and want to pass on my passion for diving and the ocean and maintaining our ocean environment.


Robert Fallon- Open Water Scuba Instructor

I first experienced diving in 1999 and gained my BSAC cert with the British army cadets. Over the years I added to my badge collection by completing the SSI scuba course, the PADI scuba course all the way through to instructor, and also gained my IMCA cert in Norway to become a commercial diver in which I spent 2 years working as a hard hat diver in the U.S.A. I've rode the chamber over a dozen times...always deliberate, and loved every ride .

I've dove in wetsuits, drysuits, hot water suits and board shorts....out of them all...hot water suits are my favorite. It's like a permanent Jacuzzi for your entire dive.
I believe every scuba adventure should be fun. If it's not fun...why are we doing it.

I love Gummi bears and dislike olives