BJ Rogers- Divemaster

BJ became hooked on scuba diving in 1986 while on vacation in Hawaii where she first experienced breathing underwater on a party boat that offered a scuba diving resort course. She took to the water like a fish and received her open water certification later that year and has been diving ever since.

In 2013, she obtained her Divemaster certification so that she could assist with open water classes for the Disabled Veterans Scuba Project. BJ has logged more than 1500 dives since she was certified 1986 and is a very active diver and enjoys taking underwater photos to share with her friends and family.


Steve Roquemore- Divemaster

Diving since the age of 13 in 1968, Steve has explored the ocean in many capacities from doing security swims on Nuclear Submarines, retrieving lost anchors or fishing gear, spearfishing, underwater photography, training disabled veterans and leading tours for newer divers. One of Steve’s joys is watching newer divers experience marine life that we as experienced divers sometimes take for granted and don’t take the time to enjoy. Steve and BJ were married 30 feet deep at the Statue “Christ of the Abyss” in Key Largo. After all, those that dive together stay together.

You will find Steve on many of the trips always willing to assist or lead tours when requested. Also several times a year look for Steve at the pool reviewing basic skills or assisting others. Weather scuba or freediving, Steve believes this is a sport best when his experience is shared with others so we can all enjoy the wonders of the ocean..

Geoff Walsh- Divemaster

Geoff grew up in the area with a strong appreciation for the ocean. In 1994 before sailing off on a bareboat charter vacation in tahiti, Geoff's wife Sue insisted they get certified to scuba dive, since they were missing half the experience by limiting themselves above the surface. After a number of years as a warm water recreational diver, Geoff began appreciating the spectacular scuba diving conditions right here in his own back yard, and as he started diving our local waters more, he eventually became a divemaster to share his love of local diving with others. Geoff has divied all over the Caribbean, Hawaii and the Pacific, but Sothern California is still his favorite area for diving. You'll find him diving off our local beaches most weekends. "There's something magical about diving in our local kelp forests; it's like wandering through an enchanted forest under the water and meeting all kinds of interesting creatures".

Scott Kaufman- Divemaster

I was first introduced to scuba diving as a kid while watching Sea Hunt. I knew at an early age I was going to learn to dive. That became a reality in 1975 when I was first certified and, as they say, the rest is history. 40 years later I still remember my check out dives at Santa Cruz and Ancapa islands. In as much as I enjoy traveling to exotic locations, I'll take kelp diving off of our channel islands any day of the week. Having discovered the PCH family, I'm looking forward to working with new open water students and getting them certified for an experience that will last them a life time. As much as I like to make diving fun, safety is always my top priority.