Saturday September 22, Farnsworth Bank
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Saturday September 22, Farnsworth Bank


Skill Level- Advanced

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Farnsworth Bank!!

One of the most famous and exciting dive sites in Southern California! Farnsworth Bank is a large seamount consisting of several pinnacles and it is half a mile wide from east to west. It is situated five miles south from the back side of Catalina in the open ocean. It is therefore exposed to all weather conditions and can have strong currents at times. It gets very deep very fast. Farnsworth is an ecological reserve and is most famous for it's California purple hydrocoral. The shallowest area is about 55′-60′ deep and most of the dive is like a wall dive with lots of crevices where fish and some morays hang out among all the purple hydrocoral.

This boat requires Advanced Open Water Certification.

Trip Details

  • Where: Farnsworth
  • Depart from: Ports of Call, San Pedro
  • When: Saturday September 22, 2018
  • Time: Board at 5:30 am and depart at 6:30 am with us getting back about 4:00 pm
  • Cost: $160.00 includes, 3 dives, lunch, snacks & air