Saturday March 31st, 2018 Santa Barbara Island
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Saturday March 31st, 2018 Santa Barbara Island


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The trip everyone is talking about! Scuba diving at Santa Barbara Island is always a treat and the main reason most divers like to go there is because of the seals and sea lions at the Rookery, off the island’s southeast side. They can be fun to watch spinning and twirling just like acrobats. They will also swim at you and then turn at the last possible moment as they blow bubbles at you. Then between Webster (the island’s westernmost area) and Arch Points (its northernmost area) is Elephant Seal Cove where you can almost always see sea lions. At the southwest side of Santa Barbara is Sutil Island which is basically a 300 foot high rock.

Trip Details

  • Where: Santa Barbara Island
  • Depart From: Ventura Harbor
  • When: Saturday, March 31, 2018
  • Time: Board between 8:00 pm-midnight Friday evening with the Peace departing at 2:00 am Saturday morning. The approx. time back to the dock is 6:00 pm.
  • Cost: $170.00 includes, 3 dives, food & air and reserved bunk. You are responsible for bringing all of your equipment including tanks and weights. Please contact us if you need rental gear!