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Catalina Weekend Getaway

Everyone's favorite trip!  This is a complete departure from everyday life in Los Angeles.  On the mainland, we rush to the freeways only to sit in snarled traffic, wishing we were anywhere else.  On the island, things slow down, the tension unwinds, your only concern is which breakfast spot to hit up before your dives, and how long of a nap you want to take between your dives and dinner!  We are the only dive operator in Southern California with the resources to provide you with this mini-vacation any weekend you wish!

For $249, our Catalina Weekend Getaway includes all the following items:

Roundtrip Ferry Tickets on the Catalina Express

PCH Scuba always departs from Downtown Landing in Long Beach on Friday night.  That means you get to Catalina on Friday to begin your vacation, not Saturday morning.  Unless you specifically request it, we will never force you onto the 6:15AM ferry.  You worked very hard all week, you deserve the opportunity to sit in the Catalina Cantina on Friday night, have some chips, salsa and a Blue Shark.

Two Nights at the Hermosa Hotel in Avalon

The Hermosa is a quiet, clean and extremely friendly hotel that has become our regular home-away-from-home on the island for many years now.  We have the opportunity to store our bags there on Sundays while we dive, to return and take showers before the ferry home and the use of the conference room most weekends.  Further, our rooms at the Hermosa Hotel are booked as double occupancy, not "quadruple" occupancy as some other groups do, so you'll only have one roommate, not three.  We are also able to provide room upgrades of various sorts depending on availability.

Rental Gear Discount

Because of our long standing relationships with the dive shops in Avalon, we are able to provide you with discounts on rental gear for the weekend you are diving with us. You get on the Catalina Express on Friday night and don't have to carry a thing other than your clothes for the weekend. Wetsuit, tanks, weights, BCD, fins, you name it, all of it can be rented on the island for your stay. No need to bring it over, no need to rinse it when you get home.

Nitrox Tank Delivery

Because of our investment in transportation on the island, we can deliver nitrox to you at Casino Point! Meet us at Catalina Scuba Luv at 8AM in the morning to put in your order for 32% or 36% and analyze your tank, and we'll hand deliver it to you at the point, and return your empty tank too!

The Hardest Working Crew in the Dive Business

You will have the benefit of the experience of each member of the PCH Staff working that weekend. We know the island inside and out. We know the dive park top to bottom. We have relationships with everything from dive shops to bars to restaurants, to make sure that you are left wanting for nothing. Our goal is to make it as easy for you to dive as possible, so put yourself in our care, and let us give you the weekend you deserve in the great city of Avalon!

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