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 PCH Scuba regularly charters dive boats for both local exploration of the waters around Santa Catalina Island as well as boats that go to the outer islands such as San Clemente Island, Santa Barbara Island and even San Nicholas Island. With boats running at least once a month, and more added all the time, you have the opportunity to dive where you want, whenever you want!

Date Location Boat Skill Level Price Availability
 Aug 17, 2014  Anacapa or Santa Cruz Explorer Dive Boat  Open Water  $130 Space Available
Oct 19, 2014 Santa Cruz, Yellowbanks Explorer Dive Boat  Open Water $130 Space Available
 Nov 30, 2014
Anacapa Peace   Open Water    $135  Space Available  

 * Please note that the Peace Boat does NOT provide tanks. Please contact us to arrange rental of tanks if you do not have any of your own.

Everyone's favorite trip!  This is a complete departure from everyday life in Los Angeles.  On the mainland, we rush to the freeways only to sit in snarled traffic, wishing we were anywhere else.  On the island, things slow down, the tension unwinds, your only concern is which breakfast spot to hit up before your dives, and how long of a nap you want to take between your dives and dinner!  We are the only dive operator in Southern California with the resources to provide you with this mini-vacation any weekend you wish!