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Advanced Open Water

Common Name: “A.O.W.”

Completing your Open Water diving certification has introduced you to the world of scuba diving, and now it’s time to take the next step and increase the level and variety of your experiences under the guidance of an instructor. Your Open Water class prepared you to be safe in the water to a depth of 60 feet.  The Advanced Open Water class will show you how to plan for and dive deeper, focus on navigation, and introduce any three skill sets from over twenty  specialties that you choose.

The Advanced Open Water certification entitles you to participate in advanced dive trips to locations such as Farnsworth Bank on the windward side of Catalina, or the Oil Rigs off of Long Beach which are always designated as “Advanced Only." It is also a vital prerequisite for any diver continuing on the path to Master Scuba Diver, professional ratings, and several specialties.

Who can participate…

Any Open Water certified diver in good health. You will be required to verify your health by signing the standard medical statement before class begins. We invite you to review the medical statement here.

What is the class like…

Your Open Water diver course was a strong combination of academic theory, introductory pool training, and verification of skill performance in the ocean. The Advanced program is quite different in how it approaches your training because you’ve already completed the basics!

You have a small amount of academic work to do through self study, which will be reviewed afterwards by your instructor, prior to the start of your training weekend. Then you go straight to the ocean without having to spend time in the pool!

In your open water class you already demonstrated mastery of the basic skills of scuba diving, and now the Advanced program takes it further focusing on and introducing a variety of fun and enjoyable specialty diving activities. You design your own curriculum by choosing the specialties that you would like an introduction to. The Advanced Program allows you to select the first dive and bookwork for up to three of the twenty-four offered specalties.  It's like "Diver 101” in Wreck Diving, Night Diving, Search / Recovery Diving, or any of the specalities.

Where will you learn…

Just like your open water program, you have the opportunity to conduct the entire Advanced Open Water class right at Casino Point Dive Park! If you took your Open Water class with PCH Scuba, you explored the western half of the park, spending time in the “Sandy Area” doing your skills. The Advanced Class will open up the rest of the park to you, including Little Casino Reef, the large wreck of the Sue-Jac, and the ultimate goal of 100’ under the far eastern buoy.

We would also like to offer you the chance to take your Advanced Open Water training on one of our scheduled dive boats and we would be happy to coordinate that training schedule for you. What could be better than conducting your navigation exercises under the attentive gaze of a dozen sea lion pups at the Rookery on Santa Barbara Island!

When is the class offered…

We are happy to teach the AOW class any weekend we are teaching on Catalina, and on the majority of the dive boats we charter. For Catalina training, there is no minimum number of students required to enroll in a class. For training from dive boats we require a minimum of five (5) AOW students, so call your friends!  Additionally, we arrange regular “Advanced Weekends" on Catalina in order to ensure a larger class size which makes it more fun for the students.

How much does it cost…

The Advanced Open Water class is $399. That includes your instructor time, academic work, dive planning slates required to complete your training, and your certification paperwork. In addition, you will need to arrange and pay for either one of our scheduled boat trips or a Catalina Getaway Weekend.

If you took Peak and/or Nitrox with PCH Scuba immediately after your Open Water class then we will be happy to extend a substantial discount to you toward the cost of your AOW training.  Contact us to find out more!

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The Master Scuba Diver Program

For many students, diving is a transformational experience, showing that person the breadth and depth of experience our planet holds for them. For these divers, we created the Master Diver Program, to help them attain the highest rank of non-professional diver. First and foremost, the Master Scuba Diver certification is evidence to yourself that you have worked hard to be the absolute best diver that you can be.  As a Master Scuba Diver certified by PCH Scuba, you will be regarded as a role model and others will follow your obvious example of what it means to dive well, dive with enthusiasm and conduct yourself with the utmost regard for safety.  Further, this certification is proof to any dive operator that you have not only solid training, but a wealth of practical diving experience, and will be a safe participant in any dive activity.

Some students come to PCH Scuba for their Open Water training and then go on to dive a few times each year with us at our bi-annual dive bashes, or attend one of our tropical trips. It is absolutely our pleasure to welcome those divers into our family, help them stay fresh with their skills through our Scuba Review program and encourage them to dive as often as their schedules allow.  However, for those that wish to embrace the sport fully, the Master Scuba Diver program is your immersion class.

The class above is offered as part of the program and qualifies for graduation from it. Learn more about the Master Scuba Diver Program here.