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Exploring Your Home Waters


PCH Scuba charters top of the line dive boats here in southern California waters for trips to both familiar and unique dive sites surrounding the Channel Islands. From Farnsworth Bank on the windward side of Catalina to a relaxing Catalina Weekend Getaway, we are thrilled to share with you our favorite sites. We have trips perfectly suited for every level of experience and can satisfy your hunger for exploration.

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Latest Blog Entries

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  • Beach Diving Basics: Veteran's Park
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  • Beach Diving Basics

If you're on the PCH Scuba email list, you'll have heard recently about the USC Hyperbaric Chamber on Catalina. This facility is something very close to our hearts, and something we believe that as a dive community in Southern California, we need to cherish, preserve and support - and never take for granted.

It takes enormous sums of money and the goodwill of countless volunteers for the Chamber to remain functional throughout the year. Over 50% of its annual running costs are met through donations (the remainder is paid for by Los Angeles County).

Read more to see how you can contribute to that support effort, while having a blast doing so!

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We announced our three day dive trip to Big Sur last week, and I just ran across this video while looking up information on a new cinema camera system.  I don't know much about the Black Magic Cinema Camera that was used to shoot this video, but I do know I can't wait to spend three days diving this coastline!!!

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Veterans' Park

(near) 309 Esplanade, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Google Map Link

  • Parking: Parking is metered 24/7 everyday. Follow all posted signs. Park in the main parking lot closest to the stairs leading to the beach. Bring $5 worth of change to feed the meter.
  • Prep Area: Fully geared up (minus fins) by your car. Don't forget to feed the meter!
  • Facilities: Rinse showers, restrooms by the sand. Restroom and water fountain near the parking lot.
  • Access: Steps lead from the street to the sand.
  • Entry / Exit: There is a sudden 1-foot drop off around knee-height into the water. Easy entering the water as long as you know to expect it, but can be difficult to exit.
  • Best time to dive: Low/no surf, and at night. It's a pretty empty site, but it's a west-facing beach, so a good alternative when you gotta dive and a south swell comes in.
  • Route: Straight from the stairs for easy nav. There is relatively flat, shallow area all the way to about 40 ft. Then a steep, quick incline down to about 90 ft.
  • Critters: Sea pens, swimmer crabs, flat fish, squid during mating season, random patches of large algae and loose kelp.
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Woods Cove

180 Diamond Street, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Google Map Link

  • Parking: Free street parking. Park as close as you can to the Diamond St/Ocean Way intersection. If there is no parking there, then drive up a few houses along Ocean Way until you find the hidden set of north stairs for access and park near those instead. Parking is SUPER LIMITED. Carpool! Allow plenty of buffer time to find parking.
  • Prep Area: Fully geared up (minus fins) by your car.
  • Facilities: None. Closest restroom is Burger King two miles north on PCH. Stop by before getting to the beach ;)
  • Access: Steps lead from Ocean Way down to the sand.
  • Entry / Exit: Lots of rocks around. As you reach the sand, keep walking about 20 feet and you should see a relatively rock-free channel between the bigger rocks. Be sure to use the same way out!
  • Best time to dive: Definitely high tide. There are quite a bit of rocks here and high tide makes this place way easier.
  • Route: Hang left after clearing the surf zone and head towards a set of three small pinnacles OR hang right to some mussel-covered reefs if there is no surge.
  • Critters: Lots of kelp and eel grass, Garibaldi, Lobster, Octopus, occasional eels.


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You Can Dive at the Beach?!

Yes, you can. :) Shore diving isn't just something people do in the tropics. If you've been with us at Casino Point or any of our local boat trips, you already know that California is an incredible place to dive. Most of our local species can also be found at our beaches. With a good plan and nice weather, you can give it a try too! Being mentored and racking up experience make the difference between a great time and getting pounded into rocks, though. If you're curious and want to give it a try, just email me and we can give it a go.

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